Sustainable Brampton

Travel Action Group (TAG)

TAG focuses its work on travel in and around Brampton: walking, cycling, cars, buses and trains, including existing projects such as Rural Wheels.

One of TAG's main aims is to encourage people to use public transport more. By doing this, we use cars less, reducing traffic. This is better for the environment in terms of pollution and use of world resources (in particular, oil) - and better for safety on streets.

We encourage walking and, through TAG, Brampton now has become a Walkers Are Welcome town. WRW works with the Parish Council to monitor local footpaths.

Several of our members are keen cyclists and encourage cycling within the town. They also organise and lead occasional bike rides and cycle maintenance courses.

We work with Cumbria County Council, Integrated Transport Team, to look at traffic flow in the town. Also, we produced a leaflet which signposts people where to find out about all public transport in Brampton..

We keep a check on bus timetables and make sure they are up to date.