Sustainable Brampton

Brampton Food Network

The Brampton Food Network is a recently incorporated social enterprise (an Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community) that aims to increase the supply of local and sustainable food into the Brampton District, to increase composting and to encourage and support local people to grow their own food.

We recognise the need to have greater food security and to develop food systems that rely less on fossil fuels if we are to be resilient to future issues around Peak Oil and Climate Change.

We also recognise that food is fun and that good food relates to good health. Growing, harvesting, eating and sharing food is a pleasure and we want to support and encourage people to enjoy this simple but revitalising activity.


  • We will work with members of the local community and local retailers, growers and producers to supply food through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme. In this people can join as members and the food is delivered to a central location for collection, this helps keep the costs down. Another crucial part of a CSA is the links between the food producers and the scheme members. There will be events, training and open days for people to attend if they want so that they can be a part of their own food supply.
  • We will also offer training and support for people to grow some of their own food, it doesn’t matter if you just have a window sill or if you have a whole allotment growing can be satisfying, fun and gives you healthy, affordable and fresh food.
  • Increasing the amount of composting and helping people get good compost is another important project aim. We’ll develop demonstration sites and offer training – turning what we see as waste into valuable, nutrient giving compost for all our lovely fruit and vegetable growing!
  • In the long term we’ll need more people skilled and enthused about growing and producing food locally. The Brampton Food Network is offering apprenticeship places and work experience to try and develop these skills within our area.

Very soon you’ll see more details about some of the plans outlined above. We really hope you’ll be a part of this exciting approach. The Network is here to support local ideas on food – please get in touch and get involved.

If you would like more information or to talk over any ideas please contact