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The Little Bakery - Brampton & Carlisle

Kerr Little sells pies from The Little Bakery stall. “My son started the business in Dumfries selling morning rolls (breakfast rolls). Then, about 3 years ago, we were invited to a farmers’ market in Dumfries to sell filled rolls and bread.” Kerr’s background is as a butcher and he joined his son in the business, adding pies to their wares.

Kerr was impressed with the other stallholders at the farmers markets; their enthusiasm and genuine knowledge of their products. “I’d never been to a car boot sale or market in my life but all of a sudden, I became a convert. People can ask about my pies and I can honestly tell them that they are all made from scratch; nothing is bought in ready made, not even the sauces. The meat is bought from local stallholders at the farmers’ markets”.

“I have chef friends who come up with different ideas for fillings and we try them out. We add new pies regularly”.

Kerr sells delicious vegetarian pies. “One of my daughters is vegetarian a she is the sternest critic on my vegetarian products”.

“My most popular pie is definitely the Scotch pie. The second most popular is chicken and haggis with a peppercorn cream sauce. At first I called it Chicken Ecosse or Chicken Balmoral (which is what they are) but the pies didn’t sell”.

“I sell some bread at the markets as well. They are all specialist artisan breads and the most popular is the cornbread. At some markets I can sell over 100 cornbread”.

“We still sell morning rolls at corner shops and from our bakery on an industrial estate in Dumfries. We sell pies and bread at farmers markets in Dumfries, Langholm, Lockerbie, Kirkcudbright and Brampton. I particularly like the relaxed atmosphere in Brampton”.

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Phone number: 01387 267337


Address: The Little Bakery, Unit 2A Downsway Industrial Estate, Dumfries DG1 3RS