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KaNiKrafts and Terwey Teds - Carlisle

Kathy from KaNiKrafts started trading at Carlisle farmers’ market on 7 October 2017.

“What we do is use people’s treasured photos and transfer them onto a surface or object. This could be, for example, glass, slate, a mug, phone or lap top cases, coasters.

Most of our products go through a process called sublimation which is where you use special ink and paper and a heat process which welds images onto mugs, tee shirts of whatever base you choose. Some of it is done by vinyl transfer and then a heat press processed.

At the market, people can see examples of what we can do. They can then take a card and send me their photos by email. The image needs to be of a high quality, say medium resolution, and the main subject should be central so I can crop it to fit. A photo taken on a phone is fine. We have sample tee shirts, mugs, button boxes, bags, baby grows, Christmas baubles and more.

Photos can be of babies, adults, pets – anything that people want but NOT images with copyright. We can do wedding gifts – I’ve got an example of bride cufflinks here. The best thing to do if you have an idea is to come to the market and discuss it.

We also make ‘Memory Teds’. People send me a special item of clothing, for example a coat, jumper or dress, which may be a memory of someone who has passed away, and we make these into teddies.”

Unlimited possibilities! We recommend you come and see the stall.

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