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Collin Fish - Brampton

“My grandfather started the business in the 1930’s in Eyemouth. I took over from my father in the late 90’s. Eyemouth is one of the biggest harbours in Scotland, in the 80 and 90’s there were about 80 big fishing boats but now it’s declined and there are only 2 or 3.

Our business is getting the fish direct from the boats to the customer. We have rounds with a van and 2 farmers’ markets, Brampton and Langholm.

We have a traditional smoke house which has been working for 80 years, Before then it was stables. We used to smoke thousands of kippers and the build up of smoke on the walls is what gives our fish such flavor. Nowadays we smoke fish and salmon as there aren’t so many herring. The fish is brined for 5 or 10 minutes then hung up on sticks and smoked overnight over oak chippings. We smoke mainly haddock but also a lot of hot smoked salmon. In the summer season the salmon is wild.

Our fish is as fresh as possible as it’s caught just the day before the market. We bring different things, such as crayfish, each month, depending on what is available and are always happy to take orders if you want something special”.

David and Angela Collin

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Phone number: 018907 51511 or 07584 351 218