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We started up Saucy Deserts about 8 years ago. My wife Sarah does all the cooking and I’m the sales person.

We began very low key and were talked into doing a farmers’ market. I remember Sarah coming back from her first farmers’ market having sold £60 worth of puddings and she was absolutely delighted. Over the years we’ve expanded and now go to lots of farmers’ markets and a few different shows. We also supply a farm shop. Our regular markets are Brampton, Moffat, Wigtown, Orton, Langholm, Moffat, Dumfries (our local one), and Edinburgh from time to time.

Our best selling product is definitely the sticky toffee pudding and that’s the one we are developing at the moment. We’re going to re-brand it and start selling on-line soon.

We also do a whole range of cheesecakes; some exotic and some straightforward. For example, at the moment, we have a boozy Christmas pudding cheesecake with amaretto. We also have a chocolate orange cheesecake with a little Cointreau. Our specials tend to be seasonal so in the summer we make a Pina Colada cheesecake.

We try to source our ingredients locally as much we can.

Our future? We will be supplying more farm shops and start to trade on-line but we’ll always keep a foot in at farmers markets because we like to sell direct to the customer as you get really good feedback. That is really the ‘meat and bones’ of our trade. Many of our market customers have asked if we will sell on-line.’

John Finch

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