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A message from Sustainable Carlisle

We would like to invite you to become involved in this exciting new housing project in Carlisle.
We are small group - with housing needs ourselves and some big ideas.

next meeting:
8th April. 9.30am. COWC
13th May. 9.30am. COWC
June - visit to Lilac - Leeds.

Our vision is for a housing project in the Carlisle area that would combine affordable housing, food growing garden areas and communal facilities ranging from workshops and relaxation areas to entertainment spaces. The aim is to create a truly affordable housing alternative that goes some way to offering a solution to and breaking free of the current housing crisis especially for those on low incomes.
The project would be low impact, affordable and environmental friendly.
It would aim to be self-sufficient and independent using new renewable energy technologies as well as energy efficient designs and older established energy sources such as woodlands.
The project would tie-in to local housing needs whilst using cutting edge designs, waste and water management techniques and work towards total food and fuel independence. Our aim is to provide a mix of affordable rented and shared ownership homes with some open market housing or space for self-build.

If you would like to be involved please contact

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